Cost Efficient and Energy Saving Radiant Barrier Installation in Fort Worth by Alpine Residential Roofing

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Fort Worth Alpine Residential Radiant Barrier Roofing Advantages

  • Comprehensive up-front estimates
  • Quality assurance of all materials and labor
  • Dedicated personnel to handle patch and repair work
  • Timely scheduling of work
  • Quality checks at each stage of completion

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Call Alpine Fort Worth Residential Roofing to inspect your roof and home and advise you on the best solution for your situation. As always we deliver a competitive quote backed by our experienced and professional radiant barrier installers. So enjoy the peace of mind that comes from an Alpine Roofing residential roof crew for your radiant barrier services at 877-528-9897.

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Radiant Barrier Roofing Benefits

Alpine Roofing Construction is proud to offer more ways for you to save money on your home. Our Fort Worth Radiant Barrier Service will install a shilled against the harsh summer heat, saving hundreds in electricity and cooling bills.

Did you know that "radiant" heat accounts for up to 93% of a typical Fort Worth home's heat? Did you know that at least 30% of that summer heat inside your house comes in through the roof? No matter what kind of windows you have or insulation in your walls or attic, insulation only slows down the radiant heat transmission from the Sun.

Our Radiant Barrier services go far beyond any level of insulation at any price. In fact, our radiant battier REFLECTS the heat away from your house BEFORE it gets inside. The secret to an effective radiant barrier is in the shiny foil. This amazing results come from reflecting, not just slowing, heat.

Metal Radiant Barrier
Figure 1: Radiant Barrier Roofing Diagram

Metal Radiant Barrier
Figure 2: Heat Reflection

Metal Roof Radiant Barrier

If you have or want a metal roof, you should know that metal is already somewhat reflective of heat. Metal Roofing comes in all kinds of metals, shininess factors and so forth. Your metal roof will help, but will not do nearly what a specially-designed reflective foil heat barrier will do.

If we install a metal roof for you, it is an ideal time to also install a Radiant Barrier. As you see from this diagram, the ideal way to install a radiant barrier for your home is directly underneath your metal roof and on top of your roof deck. The heat never even makes it to your deck!

Keep Heat Out of Your Attic!

The next best way to take advantage of the protection of a radiant barrier, is with the reflective foil facing UP and being installed just underneath your roof's deck. This way the heat never makes it into your attic. In this application, we carefully install foil around every surface and rafter of our attic's ceiling.

A Second Layer of Protection

The next best way to save money using a Radiant Barrier, is to apply the reflective foil facing up on the floor of your attic. In this case, heat will make it into your attic, but be reflected back so it cannot reach your home's ceiling.

The advantage is that this is simpler and faster to install, saving money. But to be honest, your results will not be quite as good because a hot attic will still transmit some heat down through the structural beams in your home's walls.

Note: no radiant barrier will do the job if not properly installed. A gap in the reflective foil heat barrier, an unprotected seam or poor installation where it comes undone a few months later can spoil the savings you want to achieve. For this reason, it is vital to insist that you only allow radiant barrier installation crews with real-world experience to do a proper and professional job.